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Wallpaper Empire

Wallpaper empire are one of the largest independent wallpaper retailers in the country, with over 35 years of experience in the wallpaper industry. Wallpaper empire are known for their diverse range of wallpapers, from mainstream wallpapers like bricks all the way to niche wallpaper such as flip flops. You are sure to find something you like whilst visiting our store. Whether doing a living room or a large commercial project our helpful staff are always at hand willing to help. If we don’t answer our phone please be sure to leave an email . We hope you enjoy browsing our store.





Health & Safety






Effective management of a highly competent supply chain, using big size warehouse to deliver customer orders on time. Complying with all applicable legislation and training requirements relating to health & safety and online trading Ensuring all changes to our website and procedures are adequately tested prior to implementation. On going measurement of our customer experience, using customer feedback to make improvements.

Complying with the requirements of the Health & Safety at Work etc Act and all relevant legislation and codes of practice. Formulate by location, Safety Plans and Risk Assessments within the requirements of Health & Safety legislation; clearly setting out the measures to be taken to safeguard employees and others affected by our activities Providing adequate and competent supervision of all Company activities which involve risk.The prevention of injury and ill health Providing appropriate Health & Safety training for employees, covering Health & Safety at work, safe working practices and other relevant areas as demanded by job role/function

Wallpaper Empire prohibits slavery, forced labour and human trafficking of any kind in relation to business and our supply chain. We will not support or deal with any business knowingly involved in slavery or human trafficking. We support the promotion of ethical business practices and policies to protect workers from any kind of abuse or exploitation in relation to our business and supply chain. We take a zero-tolerance approach towards slavery and human trafficking and we are aware that there may be a degree of risk when sourcing products manufactured abroad.